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Related article: Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 10:45:07 -0800 (PST) From: Steve aka bearbtmboy Subject: Adventures on the Road, Part 4Note: Sorry for the delay. The next installment shouldn't take me so long. Remember, this story describes gay sex. If this turns you off, stop reading. This is pure fantasy and some of the activities described are not considered safe. Please remember to play safe. I welcome feedback at I hope you enjoy my story.When we left off...Derek collapsed onto Jason. Luis flopped down between Jason and me. We were a happy pile of cum-covered studs. We were so lost in our lust we didn't see the group that had gathered at the door. Coach Gibson broke the silence."Guys, I think we'll cancel practice today. I see four holes that need filling!"************Adventures on the Road Part 4: Coach and His Team & Nashville's Finest Highway Department StudsThe four of us looked toward the door. We were groggy from fucking but when coach Gibson and three more of his hottest jocks entered the room we sobered up. They stripped and joined us on the bed."So which one of you studs has a hot load in his ass that I can eat?" the coach asked."I do," Jason said, "and Alan does too. He's a cop from Virginia."Coach Gibson smiled and pushed a finger into my freshly fucked hole. His dick was huge. It was long and thick and precum covered the helmet head. It was no wonder his jocks were a happy horny bunch. He probably fucked them hard before every game. The coach sucked my cum from his finger."A cop, huh. Think you can handle my gun mister?" he said."Fuck, yeah. I want that fucker deep in my ass. I wanna feel your cum explode inside.""You got it, officer. First I'm gonna eat that hot load from your hole."A couple of the jocks the coach arrived with pulled me to the edge of the bed and raised my legs exposing my hole. The coach got on his knees and started in. His tongue stretched my hole and Luis' cum flowed into his mouth. He held his lips tight around my hole and sucked hard. He swallowed the hot seed and stroked his dick. My dick was hard again and Luis and Derek sucked down my precum.Ben, the school's star quarterback, gently pushed Luis and Derek aside. He straddled me and lowered his ass onto my pole. I groaned as my cock found its way deep into this ass. Ben was a gorgeous black stud and I gently tweaked his nipples as he rode up and down on my dick."Yeah, fuck that ass," Jason said, "he plays better after getting his ass fucked."This place was jock heaven. Ben continued to ride my dick while his coach finished his snack from my ass. The coach got up and aimed his dick at my hole. He squirted lube on his head and pushed hard into me. I had a foot of cock inside me, my dick in Ben's tight ass and it only got better when Craig and Tony, the jocks who had been holding my legs up, started filling my mouth with dick.I was completely relaxed. I sucked hard on the dicks in my mouth and waves of pleasure from the coach's fucking only pushed my dick further into Ben's hole. The coach held his dick tight in my ass then ordered Derek over."Fuck my ass, boy," he said.Derek lubed his cock, got behind his coach and pushed it deep in his muscular hairy ass. He groaned deeply and fed my ass another bit of his dick."Luis, fuck Derek," the coach ordered, "then I want Jason in Luis."I felt both Luis and Jason push into their partners' asses. I was the center of a hot jock fuck pile. Our groans echoed throughout the cum and sweat-smelling dorm room. The coach, Derek, Luis and Jason fucked in unison. The weight of the four of them only drove the coach's dick deeper into me. I kept my eyes shut to avoid unloading too fast. I wished someone were filming this because it was just too unfucking believable."Hold off your loads, boys. Let's cum together if we can," the coach said."Fuck, coach, I don't know if I can," Ben said. "This guy's dick is hitting me just right...Oh, fuck!"Sweat poured from us as our fucking and sucking continued. I alternated between Craig and Tony's dicks. They slide them straight down my throat and I massaged them drawing out their sweet precum. I was hoping they'd be coating my face with their hot cum soon. Our hot sex seemed to escalate. Our groaning and exclamations of "fuck, yeah" and "fuck me deep" increased. I knew the cum would be shooting soon.It was Ben that shot first. As I drove my dick deep into his hole his cock jerked and my face caught his first shot. Without touching his dick Ben spewed thick white juice onto my face, neck and chest. Craig and Tony started stroking their dicks and soon they were covering my smiling face with their loads. Sweet jock cum covered my face and flowed into my open mouth. I inhaled deeply and the strong pungent smell of fresh jock cum triggered my dick and I starting shooting into Ben's hole."Oh, fuck, here it comes, boys!" the coach screamed.I felt his dick spasm in my hole and his warm cum flooded my ass. At almost the same moment the coach was getting an injection of Derek's cum, Luis was unloading into Derek and Jason was shooting into Luis. Our groans were so loud I had no doubt the entire campus knew we were fucking our asses off. My only hope was that the rest of the jocks on campus would show up and fuck me. I was turning into an insatiable bottom pig and I loved it.As we dressed Coach Gibson invited me to the bar he Lolita Cp and the team usually hung out at. I told him I'd probably get there around 11 PM after I spent some time with my hosts and had a good long nap. We said our good-byes and I left with the beginnings of another hardon in my shorts. I just couldn't keep the fucker down. I got in my truck, pulled off my shorts and started down the highway with my right hand on the steering wheel and my left hand on my dick.The only people who could see what I was doing were the truckers. I got approving looks from a few of them. I gave them a smile and a wave and they pulled ahead of me on their way. Two hot looking guys in a city dump truck flashed me a smile then pulled in front of me. They signaled to exit so I followed them. We made our way through the city and then pulled into the municipal garage. I waited in my truck. Precum flowed from my dick and coated my shaft. I rubbed some of the hot sticky liquid into my balls. A few minutes later my friends from the dump truck walked over. Their hard cocks were obvious in their Lolita Cp dusty overalls."Hey, buddy, how's it goin'?" the dark-haired one asked."Great. You guys look like you're up to no good," I joked.The other hot stud extended his hand."I'm Mike and this is my lover Nick," he said, "wanna fuck around?"I smiled broadly at the muscular pair and grabbed my shorts.They led me to a storeroom at the back of the Lolita Cp garage. There was a cot in a corner with a couple of pillows and a thin blanket. It was pretty dark. Only a few rays of light Lolita Cp filtered in from the single window. After Mike closed the door they sunk to their knees, pulled down my shorts and dove for my dick. These guys were hungry! Nick took my cock deep into his throat and Mike sucked on my sticky balls. They both rubbed the impressive mounds between their legs. I held Nick's head and facefucked him. He looked up at me with his mouth full of dick and winked. I smiled and rammed it a bit deeper.Mike moved back to my hole and rammed his hot tongue deep inside. I grabbed his head and pushed it deeper. His tongue reached the coach's load and started pulling it out. He responded with a deep "mmmmmm" and I felt him swallow the white juice down."Fuck, Nick, he's got a huge load in here!" he said."Eat it up, baby, because soon mine will be up in there too," Nick said."Fuck, you guys are hot! I hope you both fuck loads into me!" I growled.They got up and pushed me toward the cot. I almost fell with my shorts still around my ankles. I flopped onto the cot and they pulled my shorts and shirt off. I heard one of them squirt lube from a tube then felt a couple of fingers push the cool goo into my hot hole. I closed my eyes and lifted my ass up a bit. There's nothing like the moment just before a dick slides into your hole. It's so full of anticipation."Fuck him, Nick...shove it deep!" Mike demanded.I felt Nick's cock at my pucker and in one swift stroke he was buried ball-deep in my chute. I gasped and the heat of his thick cock radiated from my ass. It felt like at least nine inches. Mike continued to egg him on."Yeah, that's it, Nick, fuck his tight ass, baby. Ram it deep!" he screamed.I couldn't see what Mike was doing but I hoped he was getting ready to take his lover's place after he fed my ass more cum. I was lost in the fuck. I kept my eyes closed and just enjoyed the feeling of Nick's dick slamming into and massaging my prostate. My hard cock rubbed against the roughness of the blanket. I knew I'd be spewing soon if he kept it up.What I didn't know right away was that Mike was helping another member of the city's highway department get more comfortable. I saw them when Nick pulled out, flipped me over and put my legs up on his shoulders. Mike was on his knees sucking the cock of a young stud in a sweatshirt and jeans. He hadn't bothered to undress. The guy's thick meat hung out from his fly. He was leaning back against a table with his eyes closed enjoying the expert dick sucking."Who's that?" I asked Nick."That's Casey, he's the boss's son. We've been fuckin' around with him for a few months. He's a senior in high school-he's eighteen though-and works here part time after school. He's a hot fuck! He loves to fuck around right under his dad's nose."Casey shot me a smile as Nick's cock reentered my battered hole. Maybe I'll get three new loads up my ass this afternoon I thought.Since my mouth was more accessible, Mike and Casey joined us at the cot and started feeding me their dicks. Mike's was long and slender and quite pointy. Casey's was shorter but thick. Precum seemed to constantly flow from the slit in its fat head. Once again I was in cock heaven. Fuck, Nashville is one horny town!After another twenty minutes of heavy slamming my Nick I knew he was getting ready to cream in my butt. Mike and Casey's sweet precum coated my tongue and I sucked hard on their dicks and balls. They pulled back to watch Nick unleash his torrent of cum."Fuck, fuck, here it comes, boys, oh, oh, fuck, FUCK! FUCCCCKKKKKKKKK!" he screamed.He held his dick deep inside me and I felt the hot jizz flow into my chute. His cock spasmed wildly and he continued to fuck me. His dick stirred up the boiling juice and some backed out and flowed down onto the cot. It was too much for Casey. I looked up just in time to catch his first shot of cum in my mouth. He stroked his dick and more cum flew to coat my lips, nose and chin. I sucked in the salty jizz as best I could."Let me in there! Mike said.Nick pulled out of my ass. His dick was coated with cum. He stepped aside and Mike took aim. He didn't bother with lube since my hole was slick with cum. He held my ankles and pushed his meat into me."Ohhh, fuck! It's so fuckin' hot in here!" he said.Casey by this point had finished spraying my face and was now on his knees sucking Nick's cock clean. He savored the sweet cum and juices from the softening dick. Mike was going ballistic on my ass. He was pushing the cot hard against the wall. I loved it! Nick and Casey just watched in amazement."Fuck, he's really goin' to town," Casey commented."Yeah, you love fuckin' my cum deeper into him, don't you?" Nick asked."Fuck, yeah!" was all Mike could manage.Sweat poured from us as we fucked. My dick was ready to erupt. I stroked it a few times then Casey swallowed it. The poor kid only got a few seconds of sucking in before I flooded his mouth with cum. I groaned and felt him swallow it down. Mike pulled out of my hole and fired his load onto my dick and Casey's face. When it was all over Casey looked like a pig in shit. He was clearly as big as a cum pig as the rest of us. The three of us enjoyed eating Mike's load from the young man's smiling face.By the time I arrived at my friends' farm I was dead tired but my ass and dick were very happy. My friends weren't home but the note on the door told me to make myself at home. They lived in the country and didn't lock their doors so I entered, stripped and collapsed on the guest room bed. It was dark when I woke up to the sounds of someone enjoying a snack from my thoroughly fucked hole.Part 5: A night at Nashville's hottest, nastiest bar!
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